When one…

When the young man became parents split, I was free to explore the life experiences that often appear. Sometimes who already own job just to see some of the young mother, who simply cannot afford anything except time problem. Good words, parents could not stop laughing. Not to mention better one, especially for individual’s convictions everything depends on the feelings and desires. If you are here, but people are grass treat green seem one of the young ones at home and freedom confused mind I think it will be difficult to hide.

What good and evil leads like one huge, a lot of good points and bad, so when I was young I wanted to know would be how if that often encountered when one of the children, There will be good, Some negative effects just below me. She lived alone, you even those who live the experience and had no children.

I was just about

Despite my best, but we do not pay attention there is a lot about our hidden. Every day, normal to behave like a robot Some is interested in computer “did not seem to be able to do to me,” I did not know this kind of “me” situation light.

When faced with a new situation just different skills, I was just about often emerge. So some people to know yourself, there are even deliberately are alone. I can sleep all day by alone was active even discovered. Especially this one is to know you, to understand more, To discover more, including one of the best ways.


Family and friends, while As well as issues of our young people in the world already. Make yourself at home outside of fun thinking some nice money. But when, in fact, inseparable through one family no matter how strong she often enters isolation unknown. The other night, I wondered again about family Mother and the prices were the same time, The sisters had fights trice kids head caused at known to those who feel alone. So you can overcome loneliness really, Make sure your home and frequently. Do you want to think about it?

Full freedom

Most of young thing feel “Freedom”. If one had previously done the frame boundaries, rules, like other controls disappear. This is because you make yourself at home just to receive a custom rules. In addition to any time I go, you can come back any time, No alcohol will boil. He will be reminded to clean. What no one will stay in your mind? This stratagem words, can I unruffled calm.

If one want to spend without restraint to ends if damage yourself. If freedom is not used to the good, dangerous trap slab. Especially alone, and those who want to enjoy the freedom of cotton world through self-discipline and the challenge really need to prepare for life.

Just hope

If you’re already a favorite issue is not going to just nine. If you are sick, you do not really believe there may children will not be ready, Plates Must wash their clothes just Worth of bread, I would like to buy, he would be no more If you do need management must decide. Small fry everything until the event is the biggest just my own decisions going forward. Before upgrading things, it was afraid to face to.

Especially, interested in films from one simple process is a real, practical life, the things that will be prepared Face a win-win, passing a win-win, A great deal to learn. In fact, if you learn to be sure you understand the sense of life’s difficulties alone is my hope to be one of the next lessons.

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